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Industrial Applications Commercial Applications Benefits
Repair and Maintenance
Power Plants/ Boilers
Storage Tanks
Petrochemical Sites
Shipyards/ Building
Anywhere foot space is limited
Office Buildings
Schools and Universities
Steel tubing is strong, durable and light weight
Usually fits where other scaffolding can't
Only 4 basic parts
Clamps fit 1.69", 1.625", and 1.90" tubing

Scaffolding Tube

4’ Tube with End Fitting 12.0 lbs T4 $14.66
6’ Tube with End Fitting 17.26 lbs T6 $18.07
8’ Tube with End Fitting 21.0 lbs T8 $22.78
10’ Tube with End Fitting 25.0 lbs T10 $27.09
13’ Tube with End Fitting 32.5 lbs T13 $34.68
16’ Tube with End Fitting 41.0 lbs T16 $39.80
20" Tube with Open Ends 48.0 lbs T20 Call

Tube Base Plate

Item# TBP


Scaffolding Clamps




Rigid Pipe To Beam Clamp Swivel Pipe to Beam Clamps
Right Angle Clamp - I Bolt Swivel Clamp - I Bolt Right Angle Clamp - T Bolt Swivel Clamp - T Bolt
Description Model # PRICE
Right Angle Clamp - I Bolt RAC-I $10.50
Swivel Clamp - I Bolt SWC-I $11.50
Right Angle Clamp - T Bolt RAC-T $9.50
Swivel Clamp - T Bolt SWC-T $10.50
Rigid Pipe To Beam Clamp BC $10.50
Swivel Pipe To Beam Clamp SBC $12.50

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Please note that it is imperative for all workers using these Scaffolding parts and/or Scaffolding accessories to be fully trained and informed in the use of these Scaffolding materials. You may visit our safety page by clicking here to find sources of training and instruction in the use of scaffolding, etc.=