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All of our Vertical Scaffolding Frames are Brand New!
1.625" and 1.690" OD, High Quality Steel Construction

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Toggle (Hinge) Pins


Scaffolding Toggle Pins

Toggle Pins, also known as Hinge Pins are used to lock scaffolding pieces together for safety. They can be used, for example, to adjoin two sections of vertical scaffolding frames together. They can also be used to connect the caster wheels to the frames as well as connecting base plates, outriggers, side brackets, guard rails etc.



Scaffolding Depot Has Scaffolds And Scaffolding Related Products!

Scaffolding Depot sells high quality Scaffolding and Scaffolding related products. Scaffolding Depot carries many types and sizes of Scaffolding Frames including S-Style (1-11/16"o.d.) and W-Style (1 5/8" o.d.), as well as Veneer Jacks and Shoring Frames. At the time of this writing, all of Scaffolding Depot's Frames come with the necessary connecting pins and spring clips. Scaffolding Depot also carries five foot, six foot, eight foot and 10 foot Scaffolding Cross BracesScaffolding Depot Carries several different style and sizes of scaffolding boards and scaffold planks including, eight foot, ten foot, twelve foot and sixteen foot, Di-65 OSHA compliant,  Southern Yellow Pine Scaffolding Planks as well as seven foot and ten foot Aluminum-Plywood Scaffold Planks and seven and ten foot All Aluminum Scaffold Planks. Scaffolding Depot, as well, carries eight foot, ten foot, twelve foot and 16 foot Laminated planks. All Scaffolding Planks can be purchased from single quantities, all the way up to truckload quantities. Scaffolding Depot carries all kinds of Scaffolding Jacks including, Scaffolding Screw Jacks with base plates, Scaffolding Jacks with Sockets, Scaffolding Base Plates, Scaffolding Swivel Base Plates, Scaffolding Swivel Jacks and High Load Scaffold Jacks. We also carry Scaffolding Wheels ( also known as Casters)  in the sizes and styles of  5" Scaffolding Casters with a 1 1/4" square shank (for the Aluminum Bakers Style Scaffolding and steel bakers scaffolding) and  8" Scaffold Casters with a 1 3/8" round shank for the standard Masons style scaffolding. Then there are the Scaffolding Accessories such as Scaffolding Pins, Scaffolding Hinge Pins, Scaffolding  Spring Retainers, Scaffolding Gravity Pins, Scaffold Rivets and Cotters, Scaffold Roll Pins, Scaffolding Snap Pins, 1.625 Scaffolding Connecting Pins, 1.690 Scaffolding Connecting Pins, Scaffold Right Angle Clamps, Scaffolding Swivel Clamps, Scaffolding Hoist Assemblies and Scaffolding Wheel Wells. If you need extra working space, our  Scaffolding Side Brackets and  Scaffolding End Brackets,  allow to to stand outside the normal working area , which enables  you to reach areas that may not normally be accessible due to some type of obstruction at the base of the scaffolding.  For your safety, Scaffolding Depot offers many items, such as Scaffolding Swing Gates, Scaffolding Expandable Gates, Scaffolding Guard Rails Posts, five foot Scaffolding Guard Rails, seven foot Scaffolding Guard Rails, eight foot Scaffolding Guard Rails and 10 foot Scaffolding Guard Rails. For accessibility, Scaffolding Depot carries, 3' Scaffolding Ladders, 5' Scaffolding Ladders, 6' Scaffolding LaddersScaffolding Ladder Brackets and Internal Scaffolding Stair Units.

Scaffolding Depot Has Shoring

   Scaffolding Depot now carries many types, sizes and styles of Shoring materials including,  4x3 Scaffold Shoring Frames, 4x4 Scaffold Shoring Frames, 4x5 Scaffold Shoring Frames, 4x6 Scaffold Shoring Frames, 36" Scaffold Shoring Jacks, Scaffold Shoring Base Plates, Scaffolding Shoring 8x9 U-Heads, Scaffolding Shoring Connecting Pins, Scaffolding Rivet and Scaffolding Hitch pins. If you need additional shoring items, please just give us a call at 888-973-3768 and we can probably get them for you.

Scaffolding Depot Has Interior Rolling Bakers Scaffolds

Scaffolding Depot now carries two types of Rolling Baker Style Scaffolding units. We have both  Aluminum Bakers Scaffold and Steele Rolling Bakers Scaffolding. We also carry as accessories,   Aluminum Bakers Scaffolding Guard Rails, Aluminum  Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers, Steele Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Guard Rails and  Steele Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers. These Rolling Bakers Scaffolds are narrow enough to roll through doorways and can be stacked to eighteen feet tall with the use of Scaffold Outriggers and Scaffold Guard Rails.

Scaffolding Depot Has Perry Scaffolding

Scaffolding Depot now carries, the full line of Perry Scaffolds and Perry Scaffolding Accessories, including Perry Rolling Baker Style Scaffolding Units, Perry Rolling Baker Style Scaffolding Outriggers, Perry Rolling Bakers Style Scaffolding Guard Rails, and Perry Rolling Bakers Style Scaffolding Wheels (Casters). We also carry the full line of Perry Step Up Scaffolding. Our Perry Scaffolding Accessories include, but are not limited to extra Scaffold Boards, Scaffold Wheels, Scaffold End Frames and Scaffold trusses. We also carry the full line of Perry Scaffolding  Drywall Carts.

Please Note: (The Serious Part)

Please note that it is imperative for all workers using these Scaffolding parts and/or Scaffolding accessories to be fully trained and informed in the use of these Scaffolding materials. You may visit our safety page by clicking here to find sources of training and instruction in the use of scaffolding, etc.

Scaffolding Depot always does its best to keep the prices for our scaffolding materials up to date, but they are subject to change without notice.  Please call Scaffolding Depot to verify today's prices. Scaffolding Depot will not be held responsible for pricing errors on our website or in our quotations. Orders cancelled after payment has been accepted or after truck has been ordered will be subject to a cancellation and or restocking fee of 50% of the total sale price plus all related shipping fees. Scaffolding Depot always does its best to ship as promised (usually the same or next day!) but we can not be held responsible for delays in shipping and can never absolutely guarantee a delivery date. Please order far enough in advance to get your order in time. Please make sure that whoever receives your scaffold and scaffolding related items checks your order for damages, accuracy and for completeness before signing the delivery receipt. Any such discrepancies, errors or shortages in your scaffolding related order must be noted on the delivery receipt or we cannot be responsible for such shortages or damages. Please note that credit card payments for your scaffolding related orders will appear on your bill as Depot Sales or Scaffolding Depot. Please do not dispute this charge on your bill. You will be responsible for all additional fees related to this dispute. The minimum charge will be $25.00. All pictures and drawings on this site are for illustration purposes only. Scaffolding style, Scaffolding color and Scaffolding manufacturers may vary.