Scaffolding Safety Is Job #1
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All of our Scaffolding is Brand New!

We at are very concerned for your safety.

All items we carry meet or exceed all ANSI and OSHA standards

Please Follow all applicable ANSI and OSHA Codes and Regulations for the use of this scaffolding and other equipment. Also, Please check with your local government for any other applicable codes and regulations.

Also Follow all SIA and SSFI Codes of Safe Practice for erecting and using scaffolding

Safety is up to you!

Please note:

Thank you for your interest in purchasing scaffold and scaffolding related products from Scaffolding Depot. In order to use your scaffolding safely and comply with Federal OSHA requirements you may need to obtain a copy of the OSHA regulations that cover the specific type of scaffold you are purchasing. In addition to these regulations, there are several helpful standards and guidelines that have been published to assist you in using these products safely. Please contact the organizations above for information on how to safely use scaffolding. It is imperative that anyone using these materials completely knows and understands all the safety rules and regulations relating to these products.

Scaffolding Depot is not certified to erect scaffolding, design false works structures or construct scaffolding units. Scaffolding Depot is not responsible for improper use of its scaffolding products, and end-users should consult and engineer as to the proper specifications for structures. Scaffolding Depot is a reseller and is limited in its liability.

You Can Reach The Scaffolding Depot at
1-888-97DEPOT (1-888-973-3768)
Fax 678-355-9962

Ask for Gary!

Please feel free to email us with any questions


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