Multi-Purpose Rolling Bakers Style Scaffold
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Item #ISBJ
6' Tall
1000 lbs Capacity
Sale $299.00
includes (4)  5" casters as pictured


Guard Rail

18" Rigid Outriggers

30" Swivel Outriggers
(no casters)

Item 86F
Additional Casters for Outriggers
$23.50 each


Item #ISBJ2C
12' Tall (Double Stack)
with (4) 18" Rigid Outriggers, Guard Rails and 8 Casters

2 levels high
 (adjustable up to 12')

Could also be used as (2) 6' high units

With 30" Swivel
Outriggers, Guard Rails and 8 Casters


Item #ISBJ3C
18' Tall (Triple Stack)
with (4) 18" Rigid Outriggers, Guard Rails and 12 Casters

3 levels high
 (adjustable up to 18')

Could also be used as (3) 6' units or (1) 12' high and (1) 6' high unit

Plus Free Shipping!

18' Tall (Triple Stack)
with (4) 30" Swivel Outriggers, Guard Rails and 12 Casters


Bakers Units Are Great For Stairs!
Rolling Multi Purpose Bakers Scaffolding Guard Rails (set)  with toe boards
Rolling multi-purpose baker scaffold outriggers

18" Rigid Outriggers

30" Swivel Outriggers

Replacement Casters for Outriggers

$23.50 each


The  multi-purpose rolling bakers scaffold is the right scaffolding solution for all kinds of situations. Great for Painters, Sheet Rock, Electrical, Plumbing or anywhere a compact, lightweight, but versatile scaffolding is called for. Our rolling multi-purpose bakers scaffold unit is commercial grade but also affordable enough for the homeowner. Easy Storage as well, as the unit breaks down to fit a space that is 29" wide x 72" Long by 6" Tall!

Easy setup (1 person can easily assemble a single unit in less than 2 minutes)

Platform height is adjustable in 3" increments.

Units can be stacked up to 3 sections high (18') with use of outriggers and guard rails.

Great for Stairs!

1000 lb weight limit

Rolls easily through doors

29" width allows the Multi-purpose Rolling
Bakers Scaffold to fit through standard doors

 Plywood Platform
Our 1000 lb rated platform has a smooth grip cutout for easy handling, surrounded with a protective steel edge banding around the plywood.

Platform Height Adjustments
With a convenient locking system, which allows for quick and easy height adjustment. Trusses can be adjusted to straddle over lower obstacles.

5" Swivel Double Locking Casters Are Included For Easy Movement
Caster Have a 250 lbs. capacity rating each with rear foot brake, locking both the swivel and wheel.

Powder Coat Paint Finish
Our Multi Purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffold has a powdered pigment sprayed onto the steel, which is then sealed by baking in heat generated ovens. The end result is a rust resistant, finished rolling bakers scaffold product.

18 Feet Maximum Height
Our Multi Purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffold can be stacked up to 3 units high when Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers are used.  Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers are required when stacking 2 towers or more.

Our  Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding meets or exceeds applicable OSHA and ANSI Standards



Please note:

Color and manufacturer may vary



Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding
Guard Rail System

Designed to stay at the platform level at all times. Easy to install as the posts and side rails are one piece and end rails allow easy opening for access to the platform. Federal OSHA regulations require guard rails on platforms 10' or higher.

Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Guard Rails (set)  with toe boards

Single Muti-purpose Bakers Scaffold with Guard Rails as pictured to the left 

 Multi-purpose Rolling Bakers Scaffolding Outriggers
 (set of 4)

Increases the width of the base tower to prevent tipping, and allows the tower to reach 18' maximum platform height when you use 3 units stacked on top of each other.  Four outriggers are required when stacking 2 or more units

Outriggers do not include casters but please note:

When stacking 2 or more units high, the second set of casters, from the second multi-purpose rolling bakers scaffold unit, can be used on the outriggers.  The only time additional casters are necessary are when you use outriggers on units that are not stacked.



Replacement casters for Outriggers
$23.50 each

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Aluminum Bakers Scaffold

This very versatile bakers aluminum scaffold (Excluding the wheels) is made completely from aluminum, making this rolling interior scaffold one of the lightest on the market. It goes together simply in as little as 5 minutes and is great for use around the home, but is plenty strong enough for commercial applications and can be used for painting, faux finishing, blind installation, heating and air installation, electrical contracting and so very much more. It meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI, and SIA regulations.

Step Up Scaffolding

Three Versatile tools for the price of one!

The Step-Up Scaffold sets up in seconds and works as a mini scaffold, a materials cart and a work stand. With the optional steel paint shelf, a standard roller paint tray clips on perfectly for added convenience.

*Features Include*

1" O.D. tubular steel frames with two 14 gauge solid steel platforms.

Two 14 gauge (2 mm) Steel Platforms included.

Patented center-fold hinge in the back so you can fold them flat to the width of the side ladders of end frames.



Please note that it is imperative for all workers using these Scaffolding parts and/or Scaffolding accessories to be fully trained and informed in the use of these Scaffolding materials. You may visit our safety page by clicking here to find sources of training and instruction in the use of scaffolding, etc.