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Post Guard Products

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Gorilla Post

Gorilla Post w/Post Guard Cover
7" x 48" w/two 3/4" bands of reflective tape-Various Colors Available
 PGGPGC Call for Pricing

Gorilla Post Standard
2-1/3" x 48" w/two bands of white tape and end cap     $195.15 GPS
With sign post topper     $222.15 PGGPSPT
With loop cap topper      $222.15 PGGPSCT

Gorilla Post Mounting Plate
For Concrete $14.50 PGGPMPC
For Asphalt with 1/2"x 4" prongs    $29.00 PGGPMPA

Single Use Epoxy (will affix 2 mounting plates)    $14.80 PGGPE

Epoxy Gun Kit (will affix 20 plates)     $175.00 PGGPEG

Gorilla Post Puller Jr. (remover) Compact Hand Version    $78.00 PGGPPJR

Gorilla Post Puller Long handle for use standing up    $160.00 PGGPP


This temporary magnetic post acts like a permanent solution

Tired of bolting and unbolting temporary posts?
The Gorilla Post™ tames your temporary signage and traffic needs. 

What makes the Gorilla Post™so powerful?
The Gorilla Post™ is the most impressive temporary signpost available because of its unique magnetic mounting system.

  • Lightweight
  • Secures quickly in place
  • Virtually impossible to remove without special tools

Gorilla Post™ is used for:

  • Store check-out & return item queues
  • Curbside baggage check queues
  • Reserving parking spaces for dry cleaning Customers
  • Curbside valet parking stations
  • Denoting parking spaces for VIP guests
  • Temporary overflow extensions to permanent pedestrian queues at theme parks and concert arenas
  • Adding visibility for drivers when approaching hazards or expensive gate arms inside parking facilities
  • Providing drivers at parking facilities increased awareness of two-way traffic ahead and pedestrian crossings
  • Where temporary signs need to be placed on sidewalks outside of businesses 

The tamper proof Gorilla Post™ was developed to also be a multiuse signpost for:


  • Sidewalks

  • Parking lots

  • Parking garages

  • Parking ramps

  • Factory floors 

  • Loading docks

  • Concourses

  • Pedestrian queues

  • Pedestrian pathways

  • Drive-through lanes 

Bumper Saver


How easy is it to install Gorilla Post™?

It’s pretty simple.  Here’s what you need:

  • Gorilla Post™
  • 5.5” zinc plate
  • Tube of Epoxy

Each Gorilla Post™ comes with a set of installation instructions.

How easy is it to remove Gorilla Post™?

Specially designed post puller removal tools are available.
You have a choice of using a foot-operated tool or a hand-operated puller.

When Gorilla Post™ is removed, only the zinc plate remains on the surface. 

Gorilla Post™ combines easy installation and security

  • Wide selection of colors and heights of posts and markers
  • Lightweight at 8 pounds (standard post version)
  • Small footprint makes for easy storage and redeployment by one person
  • Patented magnetic mounting system is tough enough to take a 15 MPH impact, and post springs back to original upright position, without the base shifting
  • Virtually tamperproof base withstands 380 PSI vertical lift yet can be removed in under 5 seconds with exclusive removal tool
  • Soft rubber 6" diameter base is pedestrian-friendly, shopping-cart-friendly and 'pull behind' luggage-friendly
  • Excellent for where snow removal around posts and markers is a concern
  • Excellent where thorough cleaning of floors is needed
  • Reduce risk of injury and property damage with the Gorilla Post
  • Mounting plate is ADA trip hazard compliant
  • Easily removes in seconds with special tools!