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vertical scaffold

Item Number Description Weight 26 or more pieces 1-25 Pieces
VJACKSET Masonry Veneer Jack Set
Includes 1 Frame and 2 legs
38.1 Please Call For Pricing $75.00

Description: Veneer Jack / Pedestal Scaffold
Weight: 38.1 lbs.

- Frame is constructed of 1-11/16" tubing
- Legs are constructed of 1-3/8" tubing
- All components are powder coated blue, to prevent rusting
- Coped ends with full-circumference welds for added strength!
- The top of the legs are capped to prevent mortar and dirt build-up inside of the legs!
- The ends of the legs are crimped to keep mortar and dirt from building-up inside!
- Recommended spacing is 7'
- Capacity Rating is 50lbs/sq. ft.

Please Note:

Please note that it is imperative for all workers using these Scaffolding parts and/or Scaffolding accessories to be fully trained and informed in the use of these Scaffolding materials. You may visit our safety page by clicking here to find sources of training and instruction in the use of scaffolding, etc.