42" x 3'  Safway "Safeway" Scaffold Style

Mason Scaffolding Frame

3' x 3' safeway scaffolding style scaffolding frame

Description: 42"W x 3'T Safway Style Mason Frame
Weight: 27.0 lbs.
Product code: 423SWL
Outside Diameter: 1.69"
Wall Thickness: 0.095"
Lock: Drop Lock
1st Lock: 6" from top of frame leg
Lock Span: 2' (uses a 7' x 2', 8' x 2'; or 10' x 2' Cross Brace)
45 degree scaffold pattern
Coupling Pin Hole: Drilled at 45 Angle
Coupling Pin Hole Location: 2" from the top of the frame leg.
Blue powder coating prevents rust and minor scratches.
Exceeds OSHA & ANSI testing requirements!

Drop Lock

Drop Lock





4' X 4' Shoring Frame


Rolling Scaffolding


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